Para todos los que sueñan y le dan importancia a los sueños. Y que a lo largo de su vida, descubren que lo que sueñan tiene algo relacionado con su vida.
Somos caminantes en un viaje donde a veces las respuestas de nuestra vida estan en los sueños.

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013


Hi Piccolo, where are you going on holiday?
Well I do not know Goku
You should go to Barcelona is an extraordinary city, has many things to visit, such as the monument of the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, the catedral.Also have a good chance to get to places very well located, thanks to the diverse set of services available, such as bus, metro, taxi. The beaches are fantastic, the weather is European but not rain as much as here in the evenings Londres. By have various great places to go for dinner and drinks and too much choice of tourists from around the world. It is an incredible city, there is spoken Catalan, is the natural language of Catalonia where Barcelona belongs, besides the Spanish language course.Piccolo would not stop to tell you things about that city is amazing you have to go.
Thanks. Goku you are a great friend.
Piccolo I forgot if you have the chance to go to the stadium of FC Barcelona stadium is incredible magic is better than our brige stanford where always support our dear chelsea. Barcelona fans are a people who live for their club, I feel much Piccolo and do not say anything else but you to check with your own ojos.Un hug friend Piccolo
Thanks again Goku, convinced I'll write when I get friend.
 Espero que os haya gustado esta nueva historia en Ingles de Piccolo

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