Para todos los que sueñan y le dan importancia a los sueños. Y que a lo largo de su vida, descubren que lo que sueñan tiene algo relacionado con su vida.
Somos caminantes en un viaje donde a veces las respuestas de nuestra vida estan en los sueños.

sábado, 16 de febrero de 2013


I have a dummy rag. It is my favourite toy. My dummy rag is big enough. It is brown, their eyes are big and black. Their forelegs are small but wide. My dummy rag´s name is Fred. Because when i was six years old, i watched on TV dancing to Fred Astaire. Now i am thirty-four and me remember when we dreamt with Fred. I remember we made some around the world. I remember a dream, that Fred was with me in New York. We were very good, we paid pay visits by all the city. Fred self stood in Central Park, because he saw many people in the Park. I am impressed, there is a very fantastic Park. The people are very nice, because they wanted to know new people. My dummy rag by surprise hurry untill a toys shop. That way inside the shop Fred found a teddy bear the dummy rag the same as him.

Then, i was sad because i thought that i had lost Fred. In the moment i wake up, Fred was by my side with me.

Then i took Fred and hugged him.

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