Para todos los que sueñan y le dan importancia a los sueños. Y que a lo largo de su vida, descubren que lo que sueñan tiene algo relacionado con su vida.
Somos caminantes en un viaje donde a veces las respuestas de nuestra vida estan en los sueños.

martes, 5 de marzo de 2013


In the trip Goku and Picollo went to Italy to see Sistine Chapel in Firenze. While they were walking Goku said to Picollo:

Goku: I have hunger Picollo, we search a restaurant to eat.
Picollo:Very well my friend.

They found a restaurant by close the Sistine Chapel. The restaurant had name Michel Angelo arquitect that exemplar monument. Goku and Picollo entered within the restaurant and asked:

Picollo: Good afternoon. A table for two please?

And waiter said :

Waiter: Yes, on this way please

Goku and Picollo are sat in a table next to the toilet door.

Waiter: Would you like some aperitifs?
Goku: We´ll have water please.
Waiter: Ok.
Picollo: What could we have to eat today?
Waiter: Here´s the menu.Today´s special is Spaguetti Bolognese.
Goku: Perfect i want. And you Picollo?
Picollo: Yes me too. One moment i have a question. Which are the ingredients in Bolognese salsa?
Waiter: The ingredients in Bolognese salsa are, a stir-fri the vegetables with onion, celery, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, salt, pepper and miced meat.
Picollo: Oh, good. We´ll also have two dishes the Spaguetti Bolognese

Goku and Picollo ate Spaguetti Bolognese and were very full and grateful for the sevice in the restaurant.Then they went to home, with a technique martial and spiritual. The famouse change the site instant. A just five seconds later we were in Japan

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